Docker Book

Docker Baby steps

This book will teach you all the important concepts of docker in less than 100 pages. You will learn concepts of docker, how to use containers, building images, docker swarm and docker compose. The books have assignments that will help you with the chapters together with solution to the assignments. Most books contain hundreds upon hundreds of pages and the reader gets lost in so much detail they just give up. In writing this book, we have decided to cover only the important subjects in Docker so that at the end of it you will be productive in this technology. You can then use the online documentation available on Docker website to continue you journey in this beautiful piece of software.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Docker?
  3. Introduction to Docker
  4. Docker images
  5. Downloading images
  6. Docker container
  7. Listing containers
  8. Stopping containers
  9. Starting containers
  10. Deleting containers
  11. Lesson One Assignment
  12. Deep dive on containers
  13. Create a container
  14. Docker run
  15. Detached mode
  16. Container Name
  17. Container Ports
  18. Container Information
  19. Container Hostname
  20. Container processes
  21. Container logs
  22. Get changes to a container’s filesystem
  23. Container statistics
  24. Kill a container
  25. Pause a container
  26. Unpause a container
  27. Rename a container
  28. Restart a container
  29. Update containers configuration.
  30. Delete a container
  31. Lesson Two Assignment
  32. Persisting data
  33. Container data management
  34. Bind mounts
  35. Volumes
  36. Lesson Three Assignment
  37. Container Databases
  38. MariaDB container
  39. Lesson Four Assignment
  40. Building Images
  41. Docker image internals
  42. Dockerfile
  43. Advanced Dockerfile
  45. Docker Export
  46. Docker Import
  47. Docker Hub
  48. Lesson 5 Assignment
  49. Docker networking
  50. Introduction to Docker networking
  51. A word about IP tables
  52. sudo iptables –version
  53. Creating network
  54. Deleting network.
  55. Lesson 6 Assignment
  56. Docker swarm
  57. Introduction to Docker swarm
  58. Creating manager node
  59. Joining nodes to the swarm
  60. Docker service
  61. Creating service
  62. Inspecting a service
  63. Exiting swarm
  64. Docker compose
  65. Introduction to Docker compose
  66. Installing Docker compose
  67. YAML file
  68. Use Case
  69. Lesson 8 Assignment
  70. Solutions to chapter questions
  71. Lesson One Answers
  72. Lesson Two Answers
  73. Lesson Three Answers
  74. Lesson Four Answer